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Minda, 32

I was always fascinated with vintage everything. It doesn’t matter whether it is a piece of clothing, a home decoration, or furniture. Because of this, it is not anymore surprising that I chose vintage as a theme for my wedding. I had a hard time looking for everything I would need starting from the invitations up to the giveaways. I wanted to have everything as legitimate as possible so I don’t just settle for anything. But the hardest part was looking for the dress for the whole entourage. I cannot find a dress shop that would give me the set of dresses I need. They just do not feel right. I feel like the ones they are giving me are not vintage enough. Good thing that my mother-in-law suggested this. Apparently, this is among her favorite shops to get her dresses from whenever she attends a party. We share the same love for all vintage items so I believed her when she told me that they have nice dresses here. I contacted this store immediately and arranged a meeting with them. Not once did I regret that decision. My wedding was made even more special because they finally were able to give me the gowns I want. They created my wedding dress which is inspired by the medieval times and gave my groom an equally beautiful vintage suit. Even my entourage was very happy getting their dresses from this shop. Shareen Vintage is a highly recommended boutique. 5-stars for their attention to details and to the customer service they always give.