About Us

Shareen Vintage is the product of the hard work of Natalia Shareen. She graduated with a degree in fashion design in a prestigious university in Europe but chose to put up her first clothing store in Nevada which is the hometown of her mother.

About Us | Shareen Vintage

Even though she grew up in Barcelona, she considered Nevada to be her home. This is where her mother grew up and where she spent almost all of her free time away from school. When she first came here back when she was 12, she instantly fell in love with the place. This is most especially when her mom and dad brought him to Las Vegas for a family weekend. She was attracted by the almost always festive atmosphere that she started dreaming of living here when she grows up. Now, not only does she live here but she also puts up a successful business here that is frequented by people from all walks of life.

Shareen decided to focus on vintage wear because she observed that people are always trying to somehow have something vintage-y with them. They almost often transform their modern clothes into something that is a poor substitute for this type of an apparel. As such, they are left to look less appealing than what they are trying for. Admittedly, it is only rare when boutiques would sell legitimate looking clothing pieces so she wanted to address this. She wanted to fill the gap and allow people to have high-quality vintage clothes. She started small by catering to those who want to have vintage style wedding dresses. But since then, her boutique has grown in leaps and bounds. Now, she already sells vintage clothes for both men and women that include accessories, hats, bags, and shoes. Her store is now known to be a one-stop shop for all your vintage clothing needs.