7 Pointers for Blending Vintage and Modern Clothing

In the world of fashion, trends frequently come and go. Movements popular decades ago are sure to return in style for younger generations to enjoy even as tastes change. Many companies already use “vintage” styles, materials, and accessories in their product lines—often with a contemporary twist. You might be surprised to be aware that the closets of your older relatives already contain trendy items like mom jeans, corduroy skirts, silk scarves, chunky sneakers, and flared pants.

If you wear vintage apparel, you can still worry that you appear dated. You could think about fusing classic things with contemporary clothing if you want to pull off a vintage appearance without seeming like a time traveler. Making your dress look more attractive and exercising your imagination may be done by mixing and matching new and vintage looks. Here are some suggestions for wearing old clothing yet seeming stylish and current if you want to add some vintage charm to your appearance.

Go retro with your essentials.

Choosing vintage essentials is the safest route when fusing old and contemporary fashions. The best places to find vintage necessities like silk shirts, A-line skirts, and denim jackets are thrift stores and secondhand shops. To give your retro style a contemporary edge, team items like these with sneakers, graphic tees, boots, high-waisted jeans, and dresses.

The mod style of the 1960s is one of the most classic and adaptable retro outfits. You can choose a straightforward A-line or shift dress and wear it with women’s tights to produce a contemporary interpretation of this look. Stockings were trendy in the 1960s and were frequently worn with tall boots, pumps, flats, and strappy heels. Try pairing an adaptive pair of contemporary tights with a shift dress featuring great geometric designs or vibrant colors if you want your ensemble to exude a sophisticated ’60s vibe.

Your outfit should revolve around a vintage item.

Unique retro pieces might be fascinating, but wearing them can be challenging because there are only sometimes things to match them. Pairing bold vintage clothing and accessories with understated modern components is one approach to striking a balance between these opposing fashion eras. For instance, you can match a standard pair of jeans with eye-catching throwback shirts, shoulder-padded tops, or ruffled blouses. Alternatively, you might wear a simple dress or top under a leather biker jacket from the 1980s.

Another choice is to build your entire look around a vintage piece of jewelry. You can create a coordinated look using your accessory’s patterns and color schemes, such as if you have a beaded clutch or a tiny top-handle bag.

Another component of your clothing that can bind your entire look together, besides bags, is jewelry. To enhance your look, look into purchasing some statement rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. You may add amusing accessories like antique brooches to blouses, hats, and tops to give them a more upscale feel. Silk neckties, headscarves, and vintage eyewear like cat-eye sunglasses give your ensemble a touch of refinement.

Wear authentic items with vintage clothing.

The challenge with wearing only vintage items is that they can make you appear out-of-date if you wear a costume. Nevertheless, you can get around this by combining genuine old products with imitation retro-style items. Modern fits, materials, and features are frequently included in vintage-inspired clothing to suit the present better while maintaining the original decade’s aesthetic.

Put on real neon windbreakers or mom jeans with a pair of clunky white shoes for an ’80s comeback look. Making your appearance both classic and effortlessly stylish can be achieved by styling it with authentic retro pieces and contemporary trends.

Combine formal and informal attire

Vintage clothing, especially from before the 1980s, tends to be more formal and semi-formal in style. You can design your outfit to strike the right balance between casual and formal attire if you’re planning to wear trends from those eras. For a glamorous yet relaxed style, you can decide to wear a simple white t-shirt with a leather jacket or pencil skirt from the 1970s.

Wear high-waisted jeans with collared or satin shirts for the ideal fusion of casual and dressy. Similarly, you could go for a straight-out-of-the-1950s look with a modern twist by donning a poodle skirt with a fitting shirt or a short denim jacket.

Coats and blazers are formal attire essentials that have seen numerous versions. You can pair tweed blazers or faux fur jackets with a simple top and cuffed jeans or leggings to evoke that street-formal style.

Try out a few different eras.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can combine elements from other eras. Even though wearing clothing of different ages can be challenging, it is possible. For instance, platform heels popular in the 1990s go nicely with flared jeans in the ’70s style. Additionally, canvas sandals or sneakers from the 1990s that are currently popular might look well with retro dresses that have plaid or polka dot patterns.

When blending items from several eras of fashion, the general rule is to try the ensemble on and judge whether your pieces seem to be dominating one another. Try out various combinations of products until you find the ideal one.

Restyle or Refashion as Necessary

To make your vintage-inspired clothing more contemporary, you may need an eye for improvements and alterations. One way to give clothing a modern edge is to add a little length to jeans, skirts, and oversized t-shirts. Another example is that you can update an otherwise dated ensemble by tucking loose blouses into your slacks or skirt or wrapping them around your waist.

You may easily update your ensembles to look more current and attractive, even when wearing vintage or vintage-inspired apparel. Choose an aesthetic that speaks to you right now.

Draw Ideas from Fashion Icons

Modern influencers and bloggers may be able to offer you some style inspiration, but there are other options. You can draw inspiration from a variety of fashion icons from various eras.

You may undertake your research by browsing through antique fashion periodicals and viewing old movies if you want to come up with some great ideas for your vintage-inspired clothing. You can make a mood board to help capture your desired aesthetic once you’ve identified your style as role models and understand what worked for them. Retro icons like movie stars, artists, and fashion models ensure that even though a particular era’s fashion trends may have peaked, their influence will endure forever.

Blending the old and the new should not be feared.

One of the most acceptable ways to spice up your style is to incorporate vintage pieces into your regular clothes. The art of fusing vintage pieces with contemporary clothing requires imagination, resourcefulness, and the knowledge of how to create the ideal balance between opposing aspects. There are always ways to give worn-out clothing new life, whether scouring your neighborhood thrift shop for deals or raiding your mother’s wardrobe for hand-me-downs.