There’s no justification having commiting zina when the you dnt enjoys a second partner

There’s no justification having commiting zina when the you dnt enjoys a second partner

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i believe just what maulana are suggesting is that there are most females that are widowed along with necessity of help and you may organization and never necesarily this new intimate type. but just a person as there in the way of a husband inshaAllah.

the an embarrassment that all the ladies spoke out how they would ratehr the partner create to go zina than simply provides a beneficial second spouse! you could as well douse him during the fuel and throw him from inside the a large bonfire oneself!!

the brand new maulanas intent would be to would a world equilibrium and serenity between your people hence appears to be rife having zina considering their sermon yet , it looks getting analysis the fresh new women of one’s community and are usually appearing flaws in theior emaan that is just significantly more ammunition to possess shaytaan!!

its not easy enjoying the one you love partner with an other woman immediately following which have performed nikah it is it perhaps not best that he do they brand new halal way and you can will get reward off Allah in the place of just sleep with another woman and start to become punished!!

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This is certainly crazy.. also a low hitched individual should keep out-of zina however, wen u was hitched, it ought to be possible for you. Once they need to wed another partner like a widow otherwise anything, i think a portion of the determination isn’t protection from zina however, alternatively in the support and maintaining people in need?

Thats really uncomfortable to own ppl ahead away and you may say it choose to spouse to comit zina rather than ic, its extremely amazing ahead from 1 muslim women aside from multiple..

We dont genuinely believe that is good no matter if to do that wed among moms and dads, and another out of very own possibilities and maintain it secret. The issue is regarding miracle. I dnt know the way they manage it without lying on the spouses regarding their whereabouts? I hate liars! In order for arrangment is quite unsavory for me. If you would like several spouses atleast become one and you can accept it so you can both, and you will handle ne problems and any kind of you in reality score regarding him or her and you may insha allah ultimately normally guarantees him or her and come up with they okay Oxford sugar baby. I am yes it will be rather more serious into the son whenever they learn just after ages you to definitely their husband try a beneficial liar having various other partner he hasnt mentioned. However it might b tough in order to realize spouse was a beneficial zaany and a great liar but if the guy only admits in the event that he wishes 2nd wife and will it openly, then could be none. Including in the event the the guy didnt would relationship openly next if the step 1 partner notices your toward almost every other otherwise discovers, she get at first believe he could be infact an effective zaany and you may who you can expect to fault their 😐


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I love to follow sunnahs and in the morning keen within this, the very best women to reside was indeed the brand new Moms and dads Out-of the fresh Believers, performed it appose poligimy, did it matter this new laws and regulations out of Allah??

I’m not blind after all, I’m saying the choice isn’t mine and make its my husbands, when you have partnered good pious kid exactly who offers up your people then you determine if the guy requires some other partner otherwise step three, he’s going to will still be the latest spouse he’s for you, sisters rating extremely arrogent from the. zero i would never allow it, who will be it in order to “allow” this new rights supplied by ALLAH.