Slick Tips on How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for A Long Trip

One way to reconnect with nature and experience the exhilarating thrill that a motorcycle has to offer is by traveling by it on long trips. Get bold and soak in some vitamin D on your bike on your next motorcycle trip. Never at any time should you compromise on quality just to stay on budget when it comes to preparing your motorcycle. Having a reliable pro motorcycle, such as MV Agusta, is a plus you can count on when you take off to an adventure like that.

Whether you are a motorcycle guru or a novice and you are wondering how well you can prepare your motorcycle for your next long trip, then this article got you covered. We walk you down on easy tips that are sure to give you a hitch-free motorcycle trip on your next adventure.

Thoroughly examine the conditions of your tires

Regularly checking on your tires will save you a lot in terms of the cost of repairs and help you avoid accidents caused by worn-out tires. What to check for in your tires before hitting the road;

·Tread depth

whether your tire’s tread is worn out. Replace immediately; don’t take chances

·Any signs of a puncture

contact a pro and let them repair it for you. You don’t want to take chances and make this repair a DIY project

Pro-tip; Regularly check on the state of your tires while still on the road. PS doesn’t mean that you stop paying attention to other motorists on the road. Remember, you are no longer a local where you are cruising, and vigilance is of utmost importance. Carry a small repair kit and a pump with you in case you get a puncture far away from a repairing service point.

Ensure that your bike’s chain or belt is fully functional

Nothing can be a buzz kill like having your motorcycle chain or belt malfunctioning, especially when far away from home. A broken or malfunctioning motorcycle chain will leave your motorcycle immovable and delay you from reaching your set destination in time. Make sure that your bike’s chain is kink-free and that the frays and runs are well lubricated before you pop on your motorcycle seat.

Check on your battery, fluids, and filters

Check to confirm that your battery is corrosion-free. Rust in your battery symbolizes a malfunction in your battery, and thus the likelihood of it failing is high. Ensure that your motorcycle fluids(oil) are filled up and that your filters are clear, lest you want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Adjust and tighten suspension system

Adjust and tighten your suspension system to suit the weight you are to carry, the terrain you are to ride on, and your riding style. Note that different motorbikes have different suspension systems, so if you are not handy or unfamiliar with your bike system’s suspension, it’s a smart move to consult a pro and let them guide you through this vital yet somewhat confusing process.

Test your braking system

Safety should be your utmost priority before anything else. You don’t want to get injured or injure others while on your long trip. Make sure that your braking system is fully operating and is up to the road safety standards.

Pay attention to where you place your luggage.

It’s a long trip, and you have to carry something, at least for the journey. Ensure that your luggage steers clear of your bike’s wheels, drive trains, and mufflers to avoid them from getting stuck during the ride, thus causing an accident. Also, ascertain that the front of your bike is not blocked; this ensures that your engine does not get overheated due to blockage of airflow.

Think Big! Tour around in confidence!

Remember that planning ahead of your trip helps you pinpoint problems that may arise during your motorcycle trip. Before firing up your engine, ensure that your braking system is functional, your tire’s tread is on point and ready to hit your terrain of choice, and that your battery is in service.

Keep in mind that you are no longer a local; thus, you are unfamiliar with the road you are traveling on. Maintain speeds within your limits and stay vigilant. You don’t know what lies ahead of you, but the townies definitely know, so don’t ride how they ride!