SkyLink television Antenna Review: Popular Gadget Drops Apartment

SkyLink television Antenna Review: Popular Gadget Drops Apartment

With a ranked 30-mile array, the SkyLink television antenna is actually a costly underperformer in comparison to famous brands the Mohu Leaf Metro or AmazonBasics ultra-thin HDTV antennas.

By John R. Quain 27 Sep 2018

The Decision

With a rated 30-mile range, the SkyLink TV antenna is an overpriced underperformer when compared with famous brands the Mohu Leaf Metro or AmazonBasics ultra-thin HDTV antennas.

  • Lightweight concept
  • Simple create


  • Costly for a fundamental antenna
  • Limited reception

Diminutive, level HDTV antennas may be an inexpensive, worthwhile investments. You’ll find dozens readily available, with many listed under $30. The SkyLink television antenna is actually an exception, but with an increased costs and lower efficiency results than we’ve seen from brands charging as few as ten dollars.

Layout: Basic Simple

The Skylink TV antenna is actually a non-amplified, indoor design. Its little, black, level synthetic layout is rather unnoticeable. And even though its intended to be caught on a wall surface, just like different items that use an omni-directional antenna, it can also be positioned level on a surface (even though this could further reduce its reception).

The coaxial wire for connecting to a TV try forever attached on the bottom edge of the SkyLink antenna. Generally, the wire screws inside coaxial/RF feedback from the again of a TV, nevertheless producer comes with an adapter to accommodate push-in European-style plugs. The coaxial cable is actually slimmer than more, that makes it much easier to pack in case you are gonna go on it along with you, but it addittionally will make it less sturdy than heavier-gauge wiring.

Build: Very Little Flexibility

Skylink doesn’t offer neophytes a lot assist during set-up. You get a single sheet of training that add up to only three tips: put it in the TV, stick it somewhere and then scan for networks. Happily, there is not much more to it, since the cable tv are permanently connected to the antenna therefore does not consist of an amplifier.

Skylink doesn’t offering neophytes much wildbuddies Dating assistance during create.

One sticking aim is the fact that the adhesive pads from the straight back with the antenna are on somewhat various straight airplanes. Two are observed throughout the upper correct and remaining edges for the antenna alone, while a third is on the rear of the thicker connection point where cable links into antenna. It will make for a somewhat uncomfortable set up without alternative of repositioning the stickers in order to get a far better buy on a wall or screen.

Because stickers in addition improve installment semi long lasting, before you decide to settle on one last resting destination, we suggest tinkering with different locations around their TV to discover the best reception spot. We in addition endorse checking with to see just what station you really need to be prepared to receive in your community.

SkyLink television Antenna Key Features

Channels was given 10
Rated number 30 kilometers
1080p Reception Yes
wire Length 9.75 feet
Amplified No
proportions 8.38 by 4.75 ins

Efficiency: Somewhat Limited

To evaluate the SkyLink television antenna’s reception, we put our regular screening build with a 55-inch Samsung KS9000 4K TV within our new york location where scores of over-the-air stations can be obtained.

A preliminary skim utilizing the antenna produced a list of 24 stations, a not-unreasonable numbers because of the small size for the antenna. Regrettably, under 50 % of those channels – merely 10 in most – turned into watchable. Your local Fox associates, as an example, got clear and steady reception. Some channels from across the Hudson in nj happened to be furthermore captured from the antenna, since are a couple of common Spanish code station.

By way of comparison, you can find modest, inexpensive antennas having carried out better within exams, for instance the less-than-$10 Antop Paper Thin AT-140 (14 channels was given). There become definitely some outstanding alternatives, like the Mohu Leaf Metro that’s about $15 and pulled in 3 x as much channels (31) given that SkyLink product.

A primary skim making use of the SkyLink television antenna made a listing of 24 networks, a not-unreasonable quantity given the small size in the antenna. Unfortuitously, less than half those station – simply 10 throughout – ended up being watchable.

Making use of Skylink, but the neighborhood ABC internet’s development ended up being also distorted to view. Further within the dial, channels such MeTV furthermore turned out to be unwatchable, since comprise the 2 models regarding the HSN buying network that individuals can usually listen in. We were in addition dissatisfied that prominent programs such as for example CBS and PBS don’t can be bought in anyway.

To confirm the results, we performed further scans at differing times of the day and found that consequent scans subscribed the exact same wide variety or fewer networks.

Bottom Line

About business’s internet site, they says the antenna will work “even in the united kingdom side” (sic), but offered just how weak the reception are, it really is extremely unlikely you can actually pull in remote station. The SkyLink TV antenna was obviously a disappointment within examination. It was simple adequate to set-up and encompassed an elementary, level antenna design. However, offered the large costs, we had greater expectations because of it than the 10 channels we was given. The Antop paper-thin AT-140 and also the Mohu Leaf Metro both offering much better results at a lesser price, why wages extra?