One of the primary storyline information of pals may be the struggle to see enjoy

One of the primary storyline information of pals may be the struggle to see enjoy

Barry Farber

Barry Farber had been engaged to Rachel in 1994, but Rachel will leave your during the altar when she finds out she doesn’t like him after discovering by herself considerably fired up by a gravy ship. Barry and Rachel shortly reconcile towards end of month one following previous announces his engagement to Mindy Hunter. Barry and Rachel split once more whenever Barry chooses to wed Mindy. Barry marries Mindy during the month two finale, “the main one With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding”, in which Rachel produces an appearance among Mindy’s bridesmaids. Barry and Mindy get divorced in period six when Barry cheats on Mindy once again.


Paolo dated Rachel for a time during season one. a dark colored, Italian people who would never speak English well. Rachel’s partnership with Paolo ended up being oriented simply on sex. Rachel refers to her union with Paolo because the complete opposite of the woman relationship with Barry. For the union, Ross had been jealous of Paolo and constantly tricked your into calling himself indicate labels. Paolo would constantly get Rachel jewelry, clothing, or footwear while he was a student in Italy. Rachel features Phoebe bring Paolo a massage, nevertheless when Paolo renders a pass at the girl, Rachel breaks up with your. In month two, after Rachel discovers Ross try internet dating Julie, heartbroken and drunk, she’s a one night stand with Paolo, although it doesn’t amount to anything beyond that.

Ross Geller

In “the main one With Russ”, Rachel dates one named Russ, exactly who for the bewilderment of the woman palsA looks and acts eerily similar to Ross. Rachel bizarrelyA cannot discover theA multiple similaritiesA between Ross and Russ, and more bizarrely, neither manage either ones. Rachel dates Russ as a rebound partnership after separating with Ross upon discovering of a summary of the girl advantages and disadvantages he’d authored upwards while wanting to choose whether to date the lady or Julie, but the proven fact that she would date one whom resembles your so much – though she’s gotn’t seen these resemblances – appears to firmly mean that the woman is still attracted to him, therefore the more friends in fact recommend this idea to the lady. At some point, whenever Rachel sees both arguing, she finally views the similarities between the two and walks away, disrupted. She later on breaks with Russ, whoA therefore gets depressed andA one dayA while going out at restaurant isA spotted by Ross’ ex-girlfriend Julie, that is likewise disheartened after Ross left the woman. Julie is interested in Russ the moment she sees your, when she talks to your, they began a relationship. But Julie, like Rachel to start with, more than likely hasn’t seen how much cash Russ resembles Ross.

Joshua Burgin

Rachel times Joshua Burgin for 5 symptoms in Season 4.A The two of them meetA the very first time while she actually isA being employed as your own consumer at Bloomingdale’s. Joshua is available in after his ex-wife burns off all his clothing and he needs a new clothes. (No mention as to what the guy performed to have earned this) Rachel develops a crush on Joshua and directs yourA several signals, which slide by him completely.A Rachel gets your two Knicks tickets so they can carry on a date but Joshua thinks she’s offering the passes to your, very he states he can bring their nephew with the video game. At the end of S4 E13 a wallet is located at Bloomingdale’s, that the license shows was possessed by “Joshua Burgin,” to which Rachel plays kissy face along with her own permit. Rachel subsequently attracts Joshua to a fake celebration at Monica and Rachel’s suite with the family in which Rachel wears their twelfth grade cheerleading ensemble, that leads Joshua to-fall for her. The two at long last time, but split after Rachel quickly offers to Joshua after 4 times in “one while using the wedding gowns”. Rachel phone calls Joshua to apologize to your however when he arrives at their house, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all are putting on designer wedding dresses which freaks Joshua out and then he renders again.