King Lu are happy, “Skip Kang looks an excellent, in case your word Qian to your title, the best option

King Lu are happy, “Skip Kang looks an excellent, in case your word Qian to your title, the best option

The fresh king out of Lu hooked his lips that have a bad smile, signaling an attendant to follow along with unofficially, this day, the guy fulfilled Kang Qian’er by accident three times, and then make a complete pretence he and you will Kang Qian’er got good fate.

Kang Qian’er is actually an early on girl, how can she know instance systems, and King Lu attempted to entice, just a few days, the lady center inadvertently assured out.

Sun and rain wasn’t too good this very day, ebony clouds, it appeared to be it absolutely was gonna rain. Whenever Yan Huzu went out, the guy requested Ergot to bring an enthusiastic umbrella and you can wooden clogs.

New Kang Residence are loaded with travelers and you may are extraordinarily live. The Qin Wang Household, Zhao Wang Household, new Eastern Palace, Su Wang Family, merely sent congratulatory gifts, and the courtiers are way too alongside one another, discover a suspicion regarding people hiking. The new King away from Rong, this type of far more distant bloodline clan princes to those inquiries, apart from the new mourning Jiujiang Wangfu, other home provides showed up.

The fresh King out of Qi’s family, the brand new King out of Qi’s consort showed up, new Queen out of Lu’s household, new Queen of Lu and also the Consort out of Lu appeared together. King Lu is thus sincere and you will virtuous, but it produced Kang Taifu’s scalp tingle, however, he nevertheless had to anticipate for the a good sound, “Your own Majesty, excite go after their servant toward hall or take the seat.”

King Lu behaved very meagerly and courteously, however, men and women expose were not fools, and looked after him with an excellent harrumph. Their Majesty have a man, and now he’s an excellent grandson, the Queen from Lu wants to seize this new throne, it is difficult. Even when they want to proceed with the dragon’s merit, this is the crown prince and Su Wang, among several, how can perhaps not go to contain the king away from Lu.

The fresh new exterior courtyard is stuffed with drink and chips, the internal courtyard is also laden with laughter, this new opera singer are babbling and you can vocal: “Telephone call the fresh new maidservant to open new trousseau, I am taking a look at the diamond rose to regulate this new affect temples. Pull-up the latest dark clouds to even from the powdery deal with, establish the fresh new eyebrows and you may vision I bring rose inlay ……”

The company’s fundamental business is to incorporate an array of products to the sector. Jiang peeled a number of melon seed and you can handed these to their, “Xiaoxiao.”

Lu Wang courteously apologized, additionally the peach part inside the give just like the a settlement provide hands, “I Tang Lian, dare to ask this new lady’s term?

Grandma Chong of the Li Guo Gong Residence checked it and you will beamed, “The aunt and you will aunt-in-legislation are extremely an effective.”

“Cardiovascular system getting cardio, so it relationship is actually naturally good.” Jiang understood exceptional Granny Chong and her siblings-in-law just weren’t taking together better.

She failed to have to continue this issue, “Brand new Kang family is really substantial, they really allowed brand new four happy classes in order to sing at the party, Juyao’s outfit is actually good looking.”

The pair of them chatted about the latest four happier classes and you can Juyao, and you may Yan Hagi, who in contrast to to watch opera, couldn’t interfere and concentrated on melon seeds

The sun and rain is not good, our company is afraid of precipitation to remain in new Kang family are unable to exit, once food brand new seat, observe a number of takes on, following wake up and ready to bid farewell to get off. The latest king’s girlfriend and wanted to log off, nevertheless queen had not yet , delivered someone to telephone call the girl, she failed to challenge to propose to hop out, nevertheless seated here to talk towards old female Kang, Mrs. Kang.