Given up by his birth mommy, he lives together with his foster sister Kotori

Given up by his birth mommy, he lives together with his foster sister Kotori

From inside the latest trace they’re able to reach out the palms and you may get men and women to keep her or him or perhaps to drag her or him into the shadow hence in some way looks like for the kids seeming having exploded in the event that urban area is shown later

Will come out of the shadow and employ an equivalent clothes and you will guns because amazing not the brand new vitality of your Angel myself.

He’s blue hair and you will brown vision and that’s in his second season in Raizen Senior high school, classification 2-4. He was in despair for some time just after are given up and you can next then followed, and that produced your sensitive to comparable attitude out of other people and you may looking for to carry her or him from the jawhorse, fueling his want to conserve brand new Spirits. The guy match his actual sibling Mana Takamiya after during the frequency 3. Tohka Yatogami (??? ?? Yatogami Toka) The first Heart protected because of the Shido. Shido titled their to your time of their basic meeting, brand new tenth (even in the event you to kanji differs, new tenth day’s a month is actually pronounced while the Tohka).

Significantly, she was about to be released throughout the AST for the volume 5 until Westcott intervened, following the lady discipline is quicker so you can two months of not becoming allowed to play with Realizers. Kotori Itsuka (?? ?? Itsuka Kotori) Shido’s foster sister who was simply a human you to achieved the benefit away from a spirit five years ahead of the beginning of the head tale which means, stored by the Shido at the time. There’s absolutely no number from just how she received the girl Spirit efforts, and you may she herself do not contemplate; she doesn’t discover why both Shido’s along with her individual memories was unclear otherwise destroyed at that crucial point, no matter if she candidates people may have tried to remove the individuals recollections. Yet not, she does not work out to deal with this lady Heart vitality for long before she manages to lose control which can be overcome by a strong need damage and you can destroy.

She’s a highly shy identity, dependent on her puppet in her left-hand, Yoshinon, usually for communications. She’s a very docile Soul and will not assault brand new AST once they attack their, not even summoning the woman Angel, reasoning if she doesn’t for example are damage, they’d including not like they. But when she seems to lose [Yoshinon] she will become at a loss, incase attacked tend to summon the woman Angel, but just to safeguard herself. The lady Angel is actually Zadkiel, a huge rabbit puppet one to she summons and you will control along with her right-hand. It’s ready breathing out cold heavens you to definitely freezes this new AST participants along with their territory. Apart from her Angel, this woman is also with the capacity of influencing the 3 states out-of liquid it is usually viewed influencing freeze, not, there can be a small quantity of Heart Time inside for each and every miss of your own precipitation that looks while she exhibits by herself contained in this world.

She transmits toward their group after the original regularity

Even in the event hence thoughts are left and you may and that die for the you to murdered are not familiar and additionally just how Kurumi uses her clones so you’re able to avert dying. One possibility is that if latest Kurumi becomes deceased this new clone produced from the most up-to-date time becomes the latest dominating Kurumi or whenever going to getting ‘killed’ again the initial for some reason changes metropolitan areas having a clone in her ‘shadow’. Even when all of the clones have a similar memory since the lady up to whenever in time they were copied regarding, however, whether or not they create escort Rochester NY into those people memories because of the watching out of their ‘shadow’ in which she stores the the girl clones you should definitely active or other means hasn’t been found yet ,, but they more often than not obey the initial. The sole recognized exception to this rule ‘s the duplicate created from as soon as to your school rooftop exactly who ran off to has actually a date which have Shido in advance of being removed returning to the new shadow and you can ‘dying’.