2. The woman is perhaps not drawn to your yet

2. The woman is perhaps not drawn to your yet

When she is going to exit your property or whenever that of you are leaving the new people, simply tell this lady, “Ok, come right here and present me personally a good-bye hug” immediately after which transfer to hug the lady.

Keep the hug for several mere seconds and remove right back a tiny (still possessing the woman, but only carefully today) and check their regarding the attention.

If she keeps eye contact with you and you may will not distance themself, she wishes you to slim in for a hug. women looking for sugar daddy in Tanner Alabama If she squirms, looks away or pulls from you, she does not want in order to hug.

For as long as she will provide you with positive signals that she wishes so you’re able to hug (new signals might only last step 1-3 moments for how sure otherwise shy the woman is), you need to be confident and you may slim set for brand new hug.

If this girl wants your, however, does not want a relationship, it will always be this lady way of proclaiming that she wants your while the a person, however, isn’t really sexually interested in you yet ,. …