Gorgeous Samoan Terms and conditions you to definitely reference Strength

Gorgeous Samoan Terms and conditions you to definitely reference Strength

cuatro. Tausala [tau’s??l?]

For those who glance at Google Translate and you will tausala however appears since the meaning ‘guilty’ it’s because Bing infers translations regarding most of the records it will find on the web, plus in some scriptural texts, the definition of ‘accusation’ has been interpreted since the tausala.

As to the reasons? Tau (from the word taumafai) can indicate to undertake or even was, and you can fa’asala ways to punish. Have it? ‘You will need to punish’ could be one other way off stating ‘accuse’.

In any event, ‘guitly’ is likely a legitimate interpretation, however, nobody’s advised Bing but really that most Samoans make use of the phrase tausala to refer to help you a lovely lady…which can be due to the fact title Tausala might have been provided to loads out of beauty pageants and you can a type of Samoan fundraising omgchat pastime you to concerns dance for the money (in an excellent, members of the family variety of ways).

The real meaning of tausala, not, is a bit much more certain. In our family members management structures, we have large chiefs (matai ali’i) and you may talking chiefs (tulafale) and various other chiefs, who are usually males.

The greatest ranks lady contained in this design is actually our very own taupou. She retains a similar reputation because the all of our matai ali’i, and you may following the bestowal out of the girl name, i consider this lady since a great tausala – an entitled girl – your village. …