The Cougar Eliminator passed on a lot of the keeps available on Ford Mustangs

The Cougar Eliminator passed on a lot of the keeps available on Ford Mustangs

When anyone contemplate vintage muscle tissue cars, the original trucks which come on their heads usually are Mustangs, Camaros, and you will Corvettes. Though autos like the Pontiac GTO or even the AMC Javelin will get sound familiar, anybody else like the Mercury Cougar Eliminator try oftentimes unfamiliar because of the majority.

As the Mercury was a division of Ford Motor Team, that’s not really surprising. Just what may shock muscle tissue automobile fans is the fact that the 1969 Eliminator passed down new Workplace 302 4.9L V8. Creating 290hp, the newest Cougar Eliminator is you to definitely below-ranked pony vehicle.

5 Terrible: 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis

During the early 200os, Mercury made a decision to score their act together with her from the time for the fundamentals. The first purpose of the new Mercury section would be to provide the personal with middle-assortment deluxe cars. The brand new Grand Marquis is actually the ideal center-point between the Ford Crown Victoria and you can Lincoln Urban area Automobile.

The new Grand ong septuagenarians. In reality, the last types of your Huge Marquis apparently entirely become inspired by dated some body. Revealing a similar 4.6L V8 since Top Victoria and Area Automobile, brand new Huge ong more terrifically boring automobiles you can ever before imagine regarding. No-one recalls they. No one misses it.

cuatro Extremely: 1980 Mercury Cosworth Capri

This new 1980s is actually a very strange point in time on vehicle world. …