Generate and manage affairs in electricity BI pc

Generate and manage affairs in electricity BI pc

Absolutely a one-to-one partnership between our very own two tables because there are no repeating beliefs inside matched dining tables ProjName line. The ProjName line is different, because each value happen only once; thus, the rows through the two dining tables are combined straight without any duplication.

But, helps say you are sure that the info will change the next time you recharge it. a refreshed type of the ProjectBudget desk now has further rows for all the azure and Red works:


These extra rows suggest ideal mixture off the two tables today seems like this:

In this latest connected table, the ProjName line possess repeating beliefs. Both earliest tables wont have a one-to-one connection as soon as the table try renewed. In this situation, because we realize those potential changes can cause the ProjName column for duplicates, we wish to arranged the Cardinality to-be A lot of to one (*:1), aided by the numerous side-on ProjectBudget together with one side on CompanyProjectPriority. …