How to Restore Memory Foam Mattress?

Most people confuse body impressions with sagging, but that doesn’t mean that the latter doesn’t take place. Even the best foam mattresses sag after some time, but you can rectify the problem easily. There are several reasons why sagging happens in a mattress. They include frequent use, being used on the unleveled surface, excess moisture, and improper maintenance. Sometimes sagging occurs as a result of the mattress reaching the end of its lifespan. Whatever the cause, you can restore your mattress to its original form.


One of the ways of preventing sagging is by flipping and rotating the mattress. By sleeping in different sections of the mattress, you’ll not be putting pressure in one spot and will not be causing it to dip in. This is mostly applicable if the mattress is double-sided. Otherwise, you may not be as comfortable when it is single-sided, and you sleep on the downward side. Sneak a peek at this site for more info on memory foam beds and how you can use them.


Fill your pillows with fibers and place them on the affected area. Use soft pillows for maximum comfort. It’s also easier to place pillows directly on the sagging part.


Also known as mattress pads, mattress toppers are also a great option that can increase your comfort when you sleep. However, they can also take the shape of the mattress after some time, which makes them a temporary solution. They still provide good support, especially when you sleep on your side.

Sturdy foundation

Sometimes a firm foundation for the mattress is enough to stop sagging. Add a sheet of plywood or buy a platform bed frame for your mattress. If you can’t afford these, then put your mattress on the floor for some time.


Buying the right mattress can prevent sagging problems. Make sure your mattress has a good supporting core high-quality foam to make it last longer. Clean the mattress regularly as well to prevent it from decaying faster. Avoid spilling food and drinks on the mattress as they can also cause decay.