Best Sleep Number Setting for Side Sleepers

There are three categories of people in this world: those who sleep on their stomachs, their backs, and on the side. Every one of these categories is unique in its way. However, something makes them common, and that is the need for a good night’s sleep. The majority of people sleep on their side. However, it is difficult to know what exact number setting you will need for your need unless you learn more about sleep number. Sleep number setting allows you to choose a sleep number that makes your bed firmer or softer by only touching a button. Such mattresses also have responsive air technology to enable your bed to adjust to your movements.

What sleep number is best for side sleepers

Sleep number settings range from 0-100, and the best number for side sleepers is usually incremental by five. When the number is high, the bed is more firm. Most individuals use sleep number between 30-60. Any number below 30 will result in a hard or uncomfortably soft bed. Unfortunately, there is no single sleep number suitable for all side sleepers because some would love their bed soft and others hard. However, two sleep numbers will suit all side sleepers, and those are;

  • 45-60 is suitable for side sleepers who like hard beds
  • A number closer to 30 is ideal for people who want soft beds

These two options bring us to the sleep number setting mattress of i8 and i10. These two types relieve pressure in your body parts such as the legs, lower back, hips, and knees and are more comfortable as well.

In conclusion, a good night’s sleep is essential for every person regardless of their sleep position. This is why there are select mattresses made to suit and meet the needs for side sleepers. By taking the time to select the best model for you is a step to a better and healthier sleep visit